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For The Big Jobs


Scharff Crane Rental has the crew and equipment you need if you have a big lifting job to accomplish. You can be guaranteed that the teammates at Scharff Crane Rental all started their careers as kids, and as we grew older, our toys just got bigger. Now we are the pros with the industrial equipment, that you can rent, to get your biggest lifting projects done.

Why you can be confident when renting industrial equipment form Scharff Crane Rental:

  • Reputation
  • 38 years of reliable service
  • All crane operators are NCCCO and MSHA certified
  • Dedication to maintenance of our equipment, and your safety
  • Expert 24/7 customer service
  • From the biggest municipal project, to clearing acreage for your home, we have what you need
  • Leading supplier of hydraulic motor cranes in Sherman, TX

For The Right Job, You Need The Right Equipment

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Big Crane Lifting